About Our Protagonist


Sage Waters (b.1979), a shaper of things, is a noted vagabond and roustabout who can be found sketching on coffee-stained cocktail napkins in various cafes and bars throughout peninsular Spain, Sicily, and many another Mediterranean port of call.
Referred to by members of The Paris Review of Books, Story, and Harper’s Bazaar HK as “somewhat swarthy,” he has never seen the inside of an office.


First off, why do you insist on talking about yourself in the 3rd person?

You mean, of course, “Why does Sage insist on talking about himself in the 3rd person?”

Because the third person provides both distance from the object in view and a healthy allotment of omniscience.

This doesn't seem like a very serious about page. Is there anything you treat seriously?


Do you consider yourself an artist or a teacher?

If a fella is any good at the one, he’ll often find himself thrust into the role of the other.

Where you from?

This fella’s back yard.

Where can I buy your nonsense?

Sage’s nonsense is available at a handful of local galleries and via a handful of registered agents, but he isn’t particularly interested in playing a salesman himself. You can grab yourself a print or two here, and several of his works are made available for sale exclusively to monthly patrons.

Why post an unfinished website?

For the same reason that one leaves one’s studio door open. There ain’t no magic to hide. It’s work. And work need not be hidden from view.